"When I first asked Marshall for his help in 2015, I was interested in what he was using to push his own body to do remarkable things.  By then, I’d entered the world of competitive powerlifting but was still struggling mentally.  And, despite the name, powerlifting is easily the most mental sport I’ve ever participated in. 


Mind chatter has destroyed more of my attempts in the gym and on the platform than anything else.  Using Quantum to build my ability to focus my thoughts and energy has been hugely helpful – and not just for sports.  I’m also using it to overcome limiting beliefs about myself and my business.  I’m still a work in progress, but I’d not be where I am now without it.  I’d recommend working with Marshall and Quantum for anyone!"

Shelley S.

What you'll find at Marshall's:
  • Power racks with pull-up bars


  • Bench Presses


  • Incline, decline and flat benches


  • Leg press


  • Cable crossover


  • Leg curl/extension


  • High/low pulley


  • Trap bar


  • Flex bar (stabilization)


  • 100lb plates


  • Dumbbells to 100lbs


  • Bumper plates


  • Balls, bands, boxes and more…

"As a working mom with young children, my personal time and energy are very limited, and that's why I committed to personal training with Marshall at Integrated Fitness. With Marshall, my workouts are 30 minutes, 3 times a week, and at the right intensity for me. I don't have to worry about time being wasted getting myself set up, keeping myself motivated, and most importantly, I don't have to worry about injury. 

With 40 years of bodybuilding and athletics experience, Marshall's deep knowledge helped me develop a new level of energy and strength, learn about proper nutrition, heal my back and joint pains, while releasing weight in the background (a MAJOR bonus!). His positive philosophies, outlook, and language are consistent, and contagious. Needless to say, I am so happy and grateful for my amazing results, and this is just the beginning. Thank you Marshall!"

Alexandra A.

"I don't do reviews very often - but this is one, I felt I must write.


I released from the military almost 2 years ago - due to mental health problems. My fitness, even before I released was far from good. I had let myself go in many ways....and it showed. The turmoil of dealing with mental health problems, can a lot of times be scene in a personal physical health.


I ended up finding out about Marshall's through a friend I attend college with, who also happens to be a trainer. I have been working with Kris for over a month now and the results are amazing!


Personal training is a luxury - it costs money, above and beyond most gym memberships. It's a luxury not everyone can afford or justify. I have seen ads and deal for personal training in the past - but never have I seen a level of professionalism and individual commitment from an organization, like I've seen at Marshall's. These aren't your typical "Corporate" trainers - these are people who have literally devoted their lives to fitness and training, and it shows!


Their gym is small and quite quiet most days - which for me, suffering from anxiety is great! They don't fill it up with machines and other useless stuff, it's got the things you need to SUCCEED! There's no judgment - everyone is friendly and helpful. I have never been in a gym, where I felt more at home - than Marshall's.


As a veteran, fighting the fights I am, this is a key part of my life. Fitness, is one of the greatest medicines I have found, ever! I have taken more pills in the past 5 years, than any human being should - but nothing compares to the feeling of walking out of a great workout!


If you are looking for people who know what they are doing, cater to your needs and goals and want to make sure that your money is being WELL SPENT - then Marshall's is the place you've always been looking for.


I would highly recommend Marshall's to anyone, looking to improve their life - both physically and mentally!"

Dave B.