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Marshall Page

What I can do for you: 

Body Transformation, weight loss, weight gain

Body building / toning

Sports specific training

Core specific training

Group training

Martial arts conditioning

Seniors training

Personalized nutrition

Mind conditioning

Life coaching


Marshall Page has been a fitness enthusiast all his life. From a very early age he has been involved in some form of sport. Marshall participated in track and field, gymnastics, soccer, wrestling, hockey and all the usual public and high school sports.


At age 14 he seriously began the study of weight training, martial arts and sports nutrition. Marshall devoted twelve years to various disciplines of the martial arts before finally concentrating solely on bodybuilding, strength training and sports nutrition. In 1986 Marshall opened Ultimate Sports & Fitness private training studios. Here Marshall devoted his time to studying and developing sports specific and nutritional programs tailored to meet his many clients’ varying requirements, while pursuing a successful competitive bodybuilding career. 1986 was also the year Marshall received his diploma from ICS in Montreal graduating with highest honors in Fitness and Nutrition.

Marshall has trained and studied in literally hundreds of gyms across North America providing him with a wealth of hands on practical training. He has an insatiable appetite for learning and keeping current with the latest training and nutritional information. Marshall is continually testing new techniques to find what works best for his clients. He is constantly researching and evaluating the latest theories or fads to determine their value before either implementing them into his programs, or discarding them. During the past eight years, Marshall has added personal development and success coaching to his repertoire.


Since 1976, Marshall has helped his clients gain more confidence, raise their self-esteem and realize a better quality of life through attaining their fitness, nutritional and personal goals.

Marshall lives by his motto—BELIEVE. PERSIST. ACHIEVE.

  • Twelve years martial arts training in various disciplines

  • First Place 2001 North Eastern Natural Body Building Championships

  • Third place 2001 WNSO Muscle Mania Canadian Natural Championships

  • Fourth place 2002 INBF New York State Body Building Championships

  • Third place 2006 WNSO World Natural Championships

  • First place, Maters 2013 Muscle Mania Canadian Championships, 2nd overall

“Working with Marshall over the last two years has been a turning point in my life. Immediate results, coupled with high-level expertise in an inspirational environment, has made it easy to dedicate myself consistently to this excellent regime.”
~ Deborah C.

Andre Hayde

Andre Hayde has been an AFTA certified personal trainer for over ten years. He has recently begun his competitive career in physique and body building with the focus of presenting a positive influence to others.


Andre also teaches hip hop which includes providing occasional instruction for the company class of Ottawa’s longest running hip hop group, Culture Shock.

Andre believes that being healthy is not simply about “working out” and “eating properly,” however also encompasses the spirit and mind creating a higher quality of life.

Andre is also the host of the YouTube series Edible Fitness, combining healthy recipies with extreme fitness.  Check it out below.  

Edible Fitness

Edible Fitness

Edible Fitness
Brussels Sprouts: Mini Nutrient Bombs

Brussels Sprouts: Mini Nutrient Bombs

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Watermelon Salsa Recipe #shorts

Watermelon Salsa Recipe #shorts

Play Video
Why Eat Cucumbers if They're Just Water?

Why Eat Cucumbers if They're Just Water?

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Kris Walker

Eight months ago, Kris Walker stepped in front of the bathroom mirror, and a stranger stared back at him.  With depression being an everyday struggle and excess weight bringing down his self-confidence, he realized then and there, that big changes needed to be made. By following a strict diet, eliminating negativity from his life, and using fitness enthusiasts, Marshall Page and Doug Walker as leading examples, Kris managed to lose 55 lbs in eight months, and beat his depression.


By working out at Marshall’s Integrated Fitness Centre, Kris received in-depth knowledge on supplements, mindfulness, body-sculpting, and much more. Not only did he have physical support, the advice that was given to him was therapeutic and memorable. Marshall Page and Doug Walker aren’t just successful gym owners, they’re also natural leaders who are honest with their clients.


Being 28 years- old and a father of three, Kris’s overall goal is to be a good example for his girls, as well as others who struggle with weight loss and self-growth. “It wasn’t an easy road to lose all that weight,” Kris said, “but it was worth it, because going from 270 lbs to 215 lbs is an amazing feeling. Your confidence goes up, and you feel as though you can literally conquer anything.”


Kris’s father, Doug Walker, has been a big inspiration for him since he was younger. “I’ve always been passionate about football,” Kris said, ”a few years back, when I found out that I couldn’t play anymore due to an injury, I got into the wrong crowd of people, and they drained the life out of me. My dad lifted me up and acted as that ideal role model. I needed him and he was there and because of that, I’m forever grateful. I’m not sure where I’d be without him.”


Having a history with depression, Kris knows first-hand that mental illness can make you feel unworthy of change, especially when it comes to weight loss. “You feel like you don’t deserve good things and over time, your body suffers immensely,” Kris said, “but you have to find ways to eliminate that feeling of self-doubt. For me, I focused on getting rid of people who put me down and I stopped eating fast food. It really helped and I encourage others to do that as well.”

We all need those examples, those people who will guide us and lead us to better places. One thing that Kris hopes for, is to be that person who others can come to for support. “I’m lucky because I have my dad and Marshall,” Kris explained, “but some people don’t have that kind of support. I want to be that role model who challenges others. I want them to know that there is always room for mental and physical growth, they just have to be willing to embrace it.”

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Matt Evans

Matt is a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Coach who helps his clients reach their health and fitness goals. 

Health and wellness has been his passion for almost 25 years. He has learned and gained wisdom through trial and error deep in the trenches. Matt believes that healthy change for the body, mind, and spirit is here to make you better in all aspects of your life! 


Matt has 17 years of personal training experience and has worked with a variety of clientele helping them achieve their wellness goals from fat loss, strength training, endurance, bodybuilding, injury prevention, to balance/symmetry. 


His areas of specialty include: Coaching on proper form, posture, technique, and tempo of exercise; stress management, building accountability, helping you set and achieve short term, and long term goals; customized nutrition plans plus supplementation to optimize results; Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching for holistic balanced wellness. 

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