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​What do we do at Marshall's?  
Where do I begin?


Book your no-obligation Personal Improvement Evaluation with Marshall’s to discuss your goals, experience, medical concerns, or mobility limitations. We will help you plan your best route to wellness. Includes a FREE Body Composition Analysis! Email or call to book your first training appointment.  

​What form of exercise works best for you?
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The moment you enter Marshall’s you know it will be a totally new kind of training experience


Call or email us today to book your first visit, you’ll soon realize the Marshall’s difference 


Why Marshall's?


  • Trainers and staff are available to every Member, at all times. We don’t stand along the wall waiting for a paid session before we step in to assist our Members. Sure, you can book a private session with Marshall or one of our associate trainers, but you can train anytime knowing guidance and motivation are there when you need it.

  • Traditional, time-tested techniques - After researching the latest fads and trends, Marshall’s prescribes only what works for you, your body and your goals.


At Marshall’s, we treat our Members the way we want to be treated. You will always be known by name, never by number.

"Training with Marshall while following his Quantum program is an incredible experience. I always feel that Marshall has a sixth sense for knowing just how far he can push me and I achieved noticeable results quickly thanks to his program. During training, his presence and attention makes me feel safe and confident. Quantum brought so much depth and wisdom to my life and has helped my focus, not just in the gym, but in all aspects of my life."


"When I first asked Marshall for his help in 2015, I was interested in what he was using to push his own body to do remarkable things.  By then, I’d entered the world of competitive powerlifting but was still struggling mentally.  And, despite the name, powerlifting is easily the most mental sport I’ve ever participated in. 


Mind chatter has destroyed more of my attempts in the gym and on the platform than anything else.  Using Quantum to build my ability to focus my thoughts and energy has been hugely helpful – and not just for sports.  I’m also using it to overcome limiting beliefs about myself and my business.  I’m still a work in progress, but I’d not be where I am now without it.  I’d recommend working with Marshall and Quantum for anyone!"

Shelley S.

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